From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear Parishioners,
Catholic Schools Week begins this Sunday, with the theme for 2022 being: Faith, Excellence, and Service. We are blessed to have a great Catholic Academy here at OLBS which is sponsored by our parish and St. Josaphat, St. Fidelis and Holy Trinity parishes. Catholic Education has the specific purpose of forming students to be good citizens of the world, to love God and neighbor, and to enrich society with the leaven of the gospel and by the example of faith. Where else will students come to know that their destiny is to become saints! To be holy means that the whole person must be formed—mind, body, and spirit. Academic excellence is a hallmark of Catholic Education, bolstered by spiritual formation and the promotion of service which is the core of discipleship. There are activities planned all week for the   Academy to celebrate its identity and purpose. Covid restrictions will limit outside participation. However, our parish role as new registration begins is to promote our Academy to our neighbors, friends and co-workers. Our current enrollment comes from 20 different communities in Nassau and Queens so don’t be limited by geography. Only 30% of students reside within our parish boundaries. Our facilities are the envy of many schools. Our Board of Trustees is a group of hard-working and dedicated professionals sharing their expertise across various disciplines. Our principal, faculty and staff are faith-filled, enthusiastic and experienced educators. That is why visitors and newcomers immediately recognize the special atmosphere that pervades the Academy, it’s like a happy family working, praying and celebrating together. Tours are available, so please be ambassadors for Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy!
In Christ, Father Bob