Foreign Languages (LOTE)

Bienvenidos, Benvenuti, Welcome to our new Language & Culture Enrichment Program at OLBSCA! Ms. Marina D’Andrea has designed a culturally-enriching program that will inspire students to enjoy learning a foreign language. They will be introduced to a lifelong exploration and appreciation of different customs. Learning another language gives children a new and broader perspective on the world, encouraging them to understand their own cultures and those of others.

LOTE (Language other than English), 50-minute classes, are offered to all students K-8 weekly in the language classroom. Special emphasis is placed on holidays, religious and seasonal traditions, and regional activities from around the world.

Kindergarten – 4th grade classes are introduced to the Spanish language through songs, dance, art visuals, and videos. Students learn the alphabet, prayers, conversational vocabulary, and much more.

Students in the 5th – 7th grade receive Spanish enrichment instruction in conversation, reading, and listening skills.

8th-grade students receive Italian instruction focused on further exploration of the language and of Italian traditions. Throughout the year, these students will continue to learn more about the culture and language of Italy. The 7th and 8th grades’ cultural lessons also embrace the history of Spanish and Italian-speaking regions. Some components include knowledge of societies, food, music, sports, and the arts of these countries. 

I look forward to working with your children as they acquire a unique and introductory foundation of other languages and cultures. 

Adiós, Ciao, Ms. Marina D’Andrea