Foreign Languages (LOTE)

The foreign language department at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament offers students the opportunity to learn Spanish and Italian. Foreign language is offered from Nursery through 8th grade once a week; students in Nursery through Grade 6 take Spanish, and students in Grades 7 and 8 take Italian. The program is designed primarily as an introduction to foreign language in order to prepare students for the high school level of education.

Students are exposed to vocabulary and grammar through traditional lessons and interactive games. Geography and culture are also studied through the different levels of education. Culture and immigration and its effect on our culture and present day lives are also explored. As far as the school community itself, the need and desire for the children to learn a foreign language is overwhelming

After completion of eight years of foreign language, it is our goal that the students will be familiar with vocabulary for the topics described in the curriculum set forth by New York State Department of Education LOTE – Languages Other Than English Standards (Checkpoint A) – by means of the following skills. The curriculum for the year covers listening comprehension, speaking skills, reading and writing skills, and cultural awareness. You can read in further detail below:

Listening Comprehension
Students will be able to understand oral conversation in Italian/Spanish on a variety of familiar topics when spoken by a native speaker in a slowed pattern with frequent repetitions.

Speaking Skills
Students will be able to participate in brief conversations over familiar topics. Pronunciation will be clear so that communication would occur with native speakers.

Reading Skills
Students will be able, when reading, to demonstrate understanding of vocabulary of curriculum; written messages based on this vocabulary; written materials based on prior written knowledge as well as pictorial clues.

Written Skills
The proficient students will be able to effectively perform written skills using the following grammar: a) conjugation of present indicative verbs; b) irregular verbs; c) definite / indefinite articles; d) descriptive adjectives; e) possessive adjectives; f) subject pronouns; g)forming negative sentences; h)forming interrogative sentences; i) correctly distinguishing and utilizing the appropriate formal and familiar form of address according to relationship to the individuals.

Cultural Awareness
Students will be able to demonstrate an increased awareness of geographical areas and the traditions and customs of the people living within these areas. Students will also be exposed to current events in Italy, Spain and Latin America.